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<mail user='michael@suesz.de' description='Mail'>Mail mich</mail>

<mail user='Michael' description='some description'>Some Text</mail>



$response = $wgRequest->response();
$response->header( "Content-type: $ctype" );

// Set an Expires header so that squid can cache it for a short time
// Short enough so that the sysadmin barely notices when $wgSitename is changed
$expiryTime = 600; # 10 minutes
$response->header( 'Expires: ' . gmdate( 'D, d M Y H:i:s', time() + $expiryTime ) . ' GMT' );
$response->header( 'Cache-control: max-age=600' );

print '<?xml version="1.0"?>';
print Xml::openElement( 'OpenSearchDescription',
                'xmlns' => 'http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/',
                'xmlns:moz' => 'http://www.mozilla.org/2006/browser/search/' ) );


<graphviz> digraph clcon_state_machine {

 Init -> Hold [ label="Up\laction_start_hold_timer", color="#a50026", fontcolor="#a50026", tooltip="A simple action which restarts the hold timer and sets the port up", labeltooltip="A simple action which restarts the hold timer and sets the port up" ];

} </graphviz>

<graphviz renderer="neato" caption="Graph for example no. 2"> graph example2 {

 run -- intr;
 intr -- runbl;
 runbl -- run;
 run -- kernel;
 kernel -- zombie;


<graphviz caption="Graph for example no. 3 (contains Wiki-Links)" alt="phylogenetic tree" format="png"> digraph example3 {

 node [shape=plaintext];
 Mollusca [URL="w:Mollusca"];
 Neomeniomorpha [URL="w:Neomeniomorpha"];
 X1 [shape=point,label=""];
 Caudofoveata [URL="w:Caudofoveata"];
 Testaria [URL="w:Testaria"];
 Polyplacophora [URL="w:Polyplacophora"];
 Conchifera [URL="w:Conchifera"];
 Tryblidiida [URL="w:Tryblidiida"];
 Ganglioneura [URL="w:Ganglioneura"];
 Bivalvia [URL="w:Bivalvia"];
 X2 [shape=point,label=""];
 X3 [shape=point,label=""];
 Scaphopoda [URL="w:Scaphopoda"];
 Cephalopoda [URL="w:Cephalopoda"];
 Gastropoda [URL="w:Gastropoda"];
 Ganglioneura ->Bivalvia

} </graphviz>

	dot, neato, fdp, sfdp, circo, twopi

<graphviz renderer="dot" caption="Stammbaum"> digraph Familie {

 "Michael"                        [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=blue,        fontcolor=yellow, URL="Michael"]; 
 "Birgit"                             [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=blue,        fontcolor=yellow, URL="Birgit"];  
 "Birgit und Michael"      [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=red,          fontcolor=black ]; 
 "Karsten"                         [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=orange,   fontcolor=black, URL="Karsten"]; 
 "Peggy"                           [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=orange,   fontcolor=black, URL="Peggy"];
 "Tobias"                          [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=orange,      fontcolor=black, URL="Tobias"];
 "Jasmin und Karsten"   [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=yellow,      fontcolor=black ];
 "Peggy und Matthias"   [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=yellow   ];
 "Rahel und Tobias"     [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=yellow   ];
 "Levin"                [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=green,       fontcolor=black, URL="Levin"];
 "Magdalena"            [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=green,    fontcolor=black, URL="Magdalena"];
 "Lia-Emily"            [ style=filled, color=gray, fillcolor=green,     fontcolor=black, URL="Lia-Emily"];
 "Michael"            -> "Birgit und Michael" 
 "Birgit"             -> "Birgit und Michael" 
 "Birgit und Michael" -> "Karsten"
 "Birgit und Michael" -> "Peggy"
 "Birgit und Michael" -> "Tobias"
 "Karsten"            -> "Jasmin und Karsten"
 "Jasmin und Karsten" -> "Levin"
 "Jasmin und Karsten" -> "Magdalena"
 "Peggy"              -> "Peggy und Matthias"
 "Tobias"             -> "Rahel und Tobias"
 "Peggy und Matthias" -> "Lia-Emily"

} </graphviz>


Familie 2023 2023 1 Jasmin Jasmin 1->Jasmin 2 Matthias Matthias 2->Matthias 3 Rahel Rahel 3->Rahel Edgar Edgar Michael Michael Edgar->Michael Siegrun Siegrun Siegrun->Michael Birgit Birgit Michael->Birgit verheiratet Michael+Birgit Michael & Birgit Michael->Michael+Birgit Gottfried Gottfried Gottfried->Birgit Maria Maria Maria->Birgit Birgit->Michael+Birgit Karsten Karsten Michael+Birgit->Karsten Peggy Peggy Michael+Birgit->Peggy Tobias Tobias Michael+Birgit->Tobias Jasmin->Karsten verheiratet Jasmin+Karsten Jasmin & Karsten Jasmin->Jasmin+Karsten Karsten->Jasmin+Karsten Peggy->Matthias verheiratet Peggy+Matthias Peggy & Matthias Peggy->Peggy+Matthias Matthias->Peggy+Matthias Tobias->Rahel verheiratet Rahel+Tobias Rahel & Tobias Tobias->Rahel+Tobias Rahel->Rahel+Tobias Levin Levin Jasmin+Karsten->Levin Magdalena Magdalena Jasmin+Karsten->Magdalena Leonora Leonora Jasmin+Karsten->Leonora Lia-Emily Lia-Emily Peggy+Matthias->Lia-Emily Catalina Catalina Peggy+Matthias->Catalina Milana Milana Peggy+Matthias->Milana Kezia Kezia Rahel+Tobias->Kezia Salome Salome Rahel+Tobias->Salome Noemi Noemi Rahel+Tobias->Noemi Fork me on GitHub